A Requiem for Lost Tomorrows

In the works of the heavens a gear slipped a tooth
And the edges became blurry between some pair of truths
And the life that was mine, that I was destined to lead
Slipped from the pages of what was supposed to be

On a parallel track under a similar sky
A girl was there but she faded from sight
I can’t name the flavor but I remember the taste
A radiant beauty, though I’ve forgotten her face

And we sat on a dune, her shadow and me
As the sun set below us and the moon rose over the sea
And I knew that she fit me as no other would
And I knew that I’d lost her in some other childhood

I feel her embrace and the curve of her hips
And the silk of her hair and sweet of her lips
When I dream of a full moon over the sea
The ache rises unbidden and sleep brings no peace

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