We could fly

I wonder what you’d say I wonder if you’d stay I wonder if you’re like me I’m just an evil snake I’ve got nothing to say But I’ll show where the light is We could fly the track In the center of the path Careless as a pinball My soul overflows with lust To see the sun up close To… Read more →

The Ordox

  Yellow foam pushed through the threadbare cushions of the plaid couch. A bus moaned down the street and the front window rattled gently behind heavy olive green drapes. Bobby, bored and restless, was staring intently at the brown sculptured carpet; tracing the little valleys with his eyes. It always made him think of islands in a muddy sea. Who… Read more →

A Requiem for Lost Tomorrows

In the works of the heavens a gear slipped a tooth And the edges became blurry between some pair of truths And the life that was mine, that I was destined to lead Slipped from the pages of what was supposed to be On a parallel track under a similar sky A girl was there but she faded from sight… Read more →

Getting Closer

My most recent attempt is my best so far. It’s far from perfect, but it’s passable. I went from 3/8″ pins to 1/4″ and I think it’s a better look. I’m keeping the half pins in the 3/16 – 1/4″ range. 1/8″ is just too small and weak for this brittle oak. Read more →